Kelowna Veterinarian Services

Our Kelowna veterinarian Dr. Amandeep Kular and our entire team here at Asher Road Animal Hospital are passionate about providing top-notch services for our fantastic patients. We constantly strive to stay on top of all veterinary medicine advancements and technology so that we can pass those benefits on to your pets. Some of the services we provide for cats, dogs and rabbits include the following:

Asher Road Animal Hospital Services

Specialists in-house

Our veterinary connections enable us to bring highly qualified specialists to our hospital so that you do not have to travel around following referrals when your pet needs special assistance. Dr. Kular can confer directly with specialists about your pet, right here, in order to provide the exact care your pet needs much faster.

Wellness Care

While providing specialized pet care is critical, our main focus is to help you keep your pet healthy in the first place! So we take care of all your pet’s regular checkup needs, provide all core pet vaccinations (including many non-core vaccines depending on your pet’s situation), parasite testing, blood panels, etc.

Spay and Neuter Surgeries

Having your pets spayed or neutered is great for your pet, your family and our entire community. These are simple, routine operations that literally extend your pet’s life, reducing disease risk factors, preventing the risk for unintended pregnancies and all kinds of behavior problems. We honor SNIF certificates from the SPCA!

In-House Diagnostics

To help our veterinarian make informed and fast decisions for your pet’s health, we have our own in-house digital x-ray machine and in-house laboratory; no having to wait for results from another facility. We can get fast answers from blood tests to check for health conditions that may not be apparent from outward symptoms, and to ensure your pet is safe for anesthesia before surgery or dental work.

In-House Pharmacy

We carry prescription pet foods (Hill’s and Medical), heartworm, flea and tick preventatives, all types of prescriptions your pet might need, treats, shampoos, etc.

Pet Dentistry

Because pet dental health is a major, yet often-overlooked factor in keeping your pet healthy, Dr. Kular is experienced in all aspects of pet dentistry. We provide pet dental exams, cleanings, extractions and oral surgeries under anesthesia. We also teach pet owners about practicing good pet dental hygiene at home!

Pet Boarding

For peace of mind when you cannot take your pet with you, we have clean, fun and welcoming boarding facilities for cats, dogs, birds, rabbits, ferrets and rodent pets.

To learn more about any of the services we provide, call us today at 778-753-3507.

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